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Chez Rama

Best Senegalese Cuisine in Columbus, OH


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Monday to Sunday 11:30 Am 10 Pm 614-237-9315

Yassa Guinaar

Yassa guinaar is chicken that is first marinated then grilled to give it that smokey flavour, then finished in a pan with onion, garlic, mustard, and lemon juice.

Soupou Kandja

Senegalese styled gumbo consisting of lamb, fish bits, shrimp and okra and topped with palm oil.


Famous Ivorian dish mainly made from cassava and served with marinated with fresh onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes and served with plantains.

Thiebou Jeun Red

A famous dish from Senegal. It is made from fish, rice and stewed with tomato sauce. Served with carrots, cabbage, cassava and yuca.

Theibou Yapp

Djollof rice that is cooked to perfection and served with lamb, onion sauce and vegetables.

Thiebou Jeun White

A famous dish from Senegal. It is made from fish, rice.  Served with carrots, cabbage, cassava and yuca.

About Us

Chez Rama Restaurant is one of the best Senegal restaurants in the heart of    Columbus, Ohio  offering a fun-filled, casual dining experience! Chez Rama Restaurant strives  to always serve you fresh and affordable Senegal African cuisine in the East Side of Columbus, Ohio. Chez Rama Restaurant are committed to provide the most authentic Senegal food, top notch service and great atmosphere.  Chez Rama Restaurant offers great testing menu’s to it’s customers, depending on their varied tests. Our skilled chefs work hard to create authentic Senegal African dishes for you, and the staff all work together to create the perfect atmosphere. Stop in today and we’re sure you’ll love what you find.

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